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Flying Car Moves from Science Fiction toward Reality How to do almost anything!! One of the BEST do-it-yourself sites. (any research or search should begin here (30,000+ links))



Most of us know how to say nothing…but few of us know when.- Unknown


Tips for life

“Whatever” Voted Most Irritating English Word

For the second year in a row, Americans have selected “whatever” as the most annoying word or phrase in the English language. Nearly 39 percent of those surveyed in the Marist poll considered “whatever” most annoying in conversation, while “like” came in second, with 28 percent of the vote. Trailing in third place, meanwhile, was “you know what I mean,” selected by 15 percent of respondents. Other candidates included “to tell you the truth”—which most annoyed 10 percent of those surveyed—and “actually”—chosen by 5 percent.


Written by J Hartsock

April 30, 2014 at 4:57 pm

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